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Parents, here is the closest I can currently show you for Mattel's Barbie® Party

OK, you can pull out your Barbie dolls and put on your thinking caps,
but here is what we did for this party:

Go to Mattel's webpage First of all, the party I planned with this theme was my daughter's birthday party over 5 years ago.  At that time, I was able to use Mattel Media's Barbie Party Print 'n Play software.   It was packed full of ideas, crafts, and everything you need to plan a Barbie Doll birthday party, tea party or even a slumber party.  The games & crafts were wonderful and you could use the same games & crafts for other themes. Unfortunately this only worked on windows 95 and is not available. More info is listed below for Parent's who would like to plan this event with online information.

I was lucky that our church has an annex building with four rooms.  If you have a large house, that will work too.  When the girls came in I had several crafts set out.  They made their own party favors for themselves and their dolls.

I will not go into details about the games I used from the software.  However these are the games I put together myself:

Shoe Hunt - I purchased a selection of "Barbie-doll" size shoes.  (There were about 32 in the package -- I think the manufacturers know that these dolls do not keep their shoes on.)  Then I placed  one of each pair  around a room.  During some of the other games I used the other half of the shoes as prizes.   That way each girl had about 4 shoes to match up in the hunt.

Memory Game - I took a large tray or platter and filled it with all kinds of Barbie® - like things.  I set the tray out so the girls could see what was on it.  They could move things around and touch things.  After about a minute I took the tray away and put something new on or took something off.  The winner was the first girl who guessed the missing or added piece.

Barbie-doll Cake - There are recipe ideas on the CD-ROM, but I used a 2 quart (8 Cup) mixing bowl/pitcher & a pie pan as my baking pans for my cake.  The idea is to have a cake about 7 inches high.  After the cake cools, you insert a clean doll (no clothes) up to her waist and frost her and the cake so the frosting is the dress on the doll.  I get more requests for this recipe!  Hopefully you have a friend or relative that sells Pampered Chef® supplies.  Here is a copy to their Doll Cake recipe. (You're welcome!)  I did not use their frosting recipe, as I like the whip cream & pudding mix frosting as it is not as sweet.

Most of the Barbie graphics were made by using scanned in greeting cards and coloring books.

If you have any comments or suggestions or things to add, please e-mail me  (Keep those compliments coming!) or go to the new idea sharing page!

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