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A Buggy Birthday!

Here are some ideas for Games, Crafts, Nametags, and Menu Items that follow this theme: 
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Bugs Everywhere!

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This theme was designed specifically for my daughter's 7th birthday party.   She likes most kinds of bugs, but her favorites are Lady Bugs and Butterfies.   It was easy to use a lady bug theme. I found invitations, paper plates, napkins, hats, plastic cups, goody bags, and even a piņata. 

BUG OUT WITH                 ON HIS / HER       BIRTHDAY!
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I used red balloons, and using a black marker, made them look like lady bugs. I placed a banner with bugs on it in the main room. I placed plastic bugs all around the house.

I found that having crafts all ready set out as the guests arrive is great to keep the children occupied until everyone is present. Most children love to catch bugs and be able to see them. Our main craft was a "Bug Cage". I purchased small clear containers made by GLAD. Each child had a tack and a sponge. The top of the container was placed on top of the sponge so the guests could poke holes in it. Then each child put their name on the bottom of the container and covered it with small bug stickers.

BUG THROW - We have some bug bean bags and the children took turns throwing them into a waste basket that looks like a yellow flower.

SPIDER SOCCER - This was done as a relay race. We have an old soccer goal that was the web. A ball was the fly and each team had to spider or crab crawl and kick the ball to the goal and back to the next team member. The first team to have all its members make a goal first won.

BUG HUNT - Remember how I used all those plastic bugs for decorations? Well I gave each guest a list of bugs they needed to find so everyone would go home with the same amount. Instead of listng the bugs by name I used riddles. Like; "Find 5 of an insect that can lift many times its own weight and comes uninvited to picnics." or "Find 2 of a pretty flying insect that comes from a cacoon." The children used their Bug Cages to put their bugs in.

STICK THE BUG ON THE FLOWER - I made a graphic of a flower. I purchased a set of cute bug magnets so each child could have one. I had the flower picture on the refrigerator. This game was played like 'Pin-the-tail on The Donkey'. The closest bug to the flower won.

BUG FEELY - I used the piņata and filled it with lots of treats. I used fruit creepy crawlers, sour gummy worms, and other candy and stickers. The children took turns taking 2 things out for their goody bags. This way I was able to save the piņata for another party.

MEMORY GAME - You will see variations of this game on this site. My Mom always set it up for us as kids. I have changed it a bit depending on the age of the players. Basically you take a container or tray and fill it with items that has to do with this theme. Children could then touch and look at everything for about 3 - 5 minutes. For younger children (under 2nd grade), I would then add or take away items from the tray and the first person to guess what that was would get a point. Sometimes I would even add one item and take away one or more. This is a great game to play right before you serve the cake & icecream.

I made cupcakes and placed them on the table lined up like a caterpillar. I then placed mini chocolate chips and sprinkles on a lazy susan so everyone could have a hand in decorating their cupcake. I served icecream and drinks.

Further ideas that have arrived in our inbox:

    For larger groups, ask an entimologist or pest control professional to entertain your guests. Many of them can show examples of different insects and how they live amongst us. These professionals usually have some great stories to tell! If you would like more information, see Progressive Pest Control's web site. (If you arrived here from his web site, please use your back button to return.)
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