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A DINOmite Birthday!
Get a little prehistoric with this paleontology party!
Here are some ideas for Games, Crafts, Decorations, Goody Bag giveaways, and Menu Items that follow this theme: 
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This theme was designed specifically for a boys event party, but we found out that it was perfect for the girls too!   The groups were divided into different dinosaurs and a color. There was one station for every group. This theme can be varied in so many ways. We chose to encourage budding paleontologists or even archeologists with our activities! Here is what we dug up:

[For birthday parties or small group events]
Come see what we have dug up for                's      BIRTHDAY!
Jurassic Period: 
(date)  (time)

We used clear white balloons, and contracted with a local balloon lady (Florists will also have this machine) who put a small stuffed dinosaur in each. We had a group of ladies who sewed these before hand. They were easy to make and very inexpensive. You can also get them from OTC. These were placed in nests, so they looked like eggs. There was enough for each guest to take home.
A local Girl Scout Troupe made us some palm trees from rolled up newspapers, green paint, and green & brown crape-paper. They used wood dowels nailed to a square stand so we could place them everywhere. The local movie theater provided us with posters for Disney's DINOSAUR, and the Land Before Time Series. We also put up other pictures of dinosaurs and labeled them with their name. A Mom who was affiliated with the local Natural History Museum had a fantastic time line that we displayed in the front hallway as you walked in.
Whether you use sponge paint, stencils, or pre-cut foot prints, This idea really wakes up this theme. We had the foot prints showing the way from one station to the next.

If you are having this as a small event, have some crafts set out as the guests arrive. Because we learn about the dinosaurs through fossilization, We had a large tub of clay that we divided into small bags for each guest. On each table were bones, shells, small dinosaurs, plastic leaves, and other prehistoric shapes. The children pressed these into the clay to make imprints. The clay was allowed to dry. We luckily had flat registers, that we laid paper on (with the child's name), so by the time the children went home, most of the fossils were dry.

Hatching Egg - This is played like hot potato. We used an EGG TIMER. We had a gross looking egg with a slimy looking dinosaur in it. I believe it was from a fast food restaurant during the Godzilla movie premier.

Dino Dig - We brought in a large baby pool. It was neat because it had dinosaurs around the edge. We filled it with different sized macaroni noodles. These are so much lighter than sand and makes cleanup easier too! We filled it up with plastic dinosaurs and gave each child a matching card with a dinosaurs picture on it. The guest then had to feel their way around the noodles to find the dino that matched their card. They got to keep both.

Stick The Food on the dino - We had several dinosaurs placed up on the wall. Earlier a librarian or story teller had told the children about what these Dinosaurs eat. They would reach inside a bag and in it would be a meat or vegetable / Fruit. They would then need to place the correct food on the herbivore or carnivore. This game is played like 'Pin-the-tail on The Donkey'. Another way to play this game is a bean bag throw. Throwing the correct food into the dinosaur's mouth. To still have the pin-the-tail idea game, you can premake the dinosaurs, cut off their tales, and have the children match them up. Another version for the little ones is Pin the Horn on the Triceratops--The triceratops is colored in except for the nose horn. The children had pre-cut construction paper horns to attach to the dino.

Extinction - This is an obstacle course. The "dinos" or guests need to slide down ice-age mountain, leap over crater valley, cross over lava lane, and climb through caves to the end of the course.

Memory Game - You will see variations of this game on this site. This is when you have a small group event. Basically you take a container or tray and fill it with items that has to do with this theme. Children could then touch and look at everything for about 3 - 5 minutes. For younger children (under 2nd grade), I would then add or take away items from the tray and the first person to guess what that was would get a point. Sometimes I would even add one item and take away one or more. If they are older, have them write down all they remember. This is a great game to play right before you serve the cake & icecream.

We had a Mom who painstakingly cut dino shapes out of cheese slices. Fresh fruit was also served as finger foods. We had a friendship (bone) mix with pretzels, goldfish crackers and cerials. Dino cookies were served and there was a tray of decorations to go on the cookies, whipped cream, chocolate chips, m&m's, and frostings. If this is for a small birthday party, I saw several ideas using a bunt cake and making it look like a volcano with the dino fruit treats all around. If you need to use a sheet cake, I suggest frosting a sugar cone and placing it upside down to be the volcano.

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