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Happy Birthday at Hogwarts Party

    For those of you who are enchanted by J.K. Rowling's magical  Harry Potter series, then this party is for you! The children will love the chance to play out their favorite characters and will feel like real Hogwarts students, enrolling in wizard's school, practicing their Quidditch skills and even taking a Potions class. This spellbindingly fun theme has so much to offer us and our imaginations.

    Invitation to Hogwarts
    Even though it is sent by "Muggle Mail" I used an Owl design on the envelope and antique looking paper to send the invitations.  Guests loved receiving their "acceptance" to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, just like Harry did. Each envelope was personalized, giving it a "magical touch".

    The cake was baked to look like a wizard's hat or the sorting hat. The base was the 'Bowl-Cake' Receipe and the top was an upsidedown ice cream cone. The whole desert was frosted together.  For decorations, Solar System Pictures, Harry Potter Posters, and anything that looks 'Magical' was hung up. Spencer Gifts has some neat electronical items like their Novelty Luminglas blue light. On either side of the driveway was a "9" on the left and a "10" on the right. The front porch had a Hogwarts banner hanging across it.

    PARTY ACTIVITIES - Class List:
    -  Scavenger Hunt to find a 2 Gold Galleons, 6 Silver Sickles, and 4 Knuts each.   3 Different sizes of gold chocolate coinswere placed around a room.   Each guest will get a small black cauldron to collect their coins in.  This cauldron can also be used later to make "potions" in.

    -  Everyone picked out a very long pencil.  This was a silly game of chance to see what exterior or wood and what magical element or interior of the wand would "pick" the owner.  There will be two bags; Exterior and Interior, they will pick a sticker out of each bag and place it on their "wand".

    Sorting Hat -  I stacked up the wizard party hats and had placed a House 'A' or House 'B' sticker on each. We only needed 2 houses or teams for the party games. Because we did not want any of the guests to feel bad about not getting into one of the four houses from the story, My children made up two houses:
    (A) Owlogriff

    Hippogriff and White Owl in its emblem
    (B) Unigon

    Dragon and Unicorn on its crest.

    Divination -  Balloon Pop Relay Race - Clear balloons or balloons with stars on them for Crystal Balls - This relay race is the one where the team member runs to the end of the line and sits on their balloon to pop it.   The quiddich positions were placed in each balloon.  So if the paper in the balloon was "beater" you would play that position

    Potions -   A mixture of Kitchen science and fun with food. 
    FOOD: Magic KoolAid was set out with cups and an ice bucket with ice cubes with gummy worms frozen inside them. Set near the sink, the children could help themselves to this beverage when ever they were thirsty.   Other planned Refreshments was a household favorite which we called 'Hogwarts Cooler' This was "butter beer"(Cream Soda) with vanilla Icecream in it. To keep in the schedule of hogwarts classes; we also added a little Herbology in the menue; dirt cups with a selection of worms, chocolate chips, candies, marshmellows, pretzel sticks, nuts & more were provided for "planting".
    SCIENCE: We made "GAK"; Soap & Water Trick with a story about "You-Know-Who"; and a levitation spell with a balloon, a little static electricity, and some grains of salt, pepper, a feather, and some bubbles. We didn't have enough time for the magnet trick, pH war(baking soda & vinegar), or egg in a bottle.

    Defence Against the Dark Arts -   This Obstacle Course was a true test of knowledge about the creatures in the story.   I incorporated "Care of Magical Creatures" and "Herbology" within this game as well. I created a text book that contained the answers (if you knew where to look). Each house got one. Team A went counter clockwise around the house, Team B clock wise. There were about 12 questions. At each question was three objects A - B - C. Each team would take the object that represented the answer. When they came inside, we checked the contents of their sack to see which house got the most points.

    Lumos -  This Craft uses photo-sensitive paper.  The guests placed different solid shapes on the paper then placed them outside in the sunlight. It is important that the shapes used do not allow light to pass through (like glow-in-the-dark stars).  Then the paper is soaked in water to set.

    Memoryology -  This game is a lot of fun. I placed many magical items on a large tray or container.  The "students" must study them for about 3-5 minutes.  Then using their 'magic wands' must write down as many items, within 7 minutes, after the tray is taken away.  

    Transfigurations -  This was planned as an extra game until the parents arrived to pick the guests up. It was played like sharrades with the two teams either guessing or acting out what they "transformed" into.

    Quidditch -This was the hit of the party! This is a wet way to play Quidditch - The 2 Chasers toss a wiffle-ball (Quaffle) to each other as they go down a playing field, their aim is to have one throw the ball into a bucket for 10 points each.   The beaters job is to keep them from getting to the end of the field by throwing water balloons at the opposing team.  If a chaser gets wet, they must sit down for 7 seconds. The beaters are also allowed to catch a balloon that is thrown at their teammate.  They can then use the other teams water balloons and save their own supply. Chasers can get wet at the begining of the playing field where there will be a sprinkler.  (So not only the Beaters get all the refreshing fun!).  The Seeker has a unique job:  The field was covered with about 100 film canasters (These usually can be saved for you by your local film developer).   Only one will have a golden snitch sticker stuck to the underside of the lid.  When they find the Golden "Snitch"  Their team will get 150 points and the game will be over.  You may also use golf balls, with one ball having a Gold spot on it.  Both teams play at the same time, to keep the game going quickly (like a relay race).  Team Captains can call a time out if needs arise and Chasers and Beaters can change jobs if they want.  Seekers can not change jobs, and Beaters must protect them from getting wet as well, or they also need to sit for 7 seconds.  (If a Beater allows his seeker to get wet, they also must sit for 7 seconds.)  The Keeper can keep track of their team's score or play the Goalie position.  
    This idea was a dual effort by my sister Debbie and I.  If you use it, please Email us and let us know how it turns out for you and what, if any, changes you make.

    Goody Bags -   Chocolate golden coins, plastic cauldrons, Jelly Belly's Bertie Botts Beans, Magic ball in a cup (Oriental Trading Company, Inc.), stickers, Snake pens, and long pencils.

    Thank You Cards -  The thank you notes were written to look like report cards:
    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Report Card:
    Arithmancy at Gringotts BankA
    Spell-Ing at Ollivander's Wand ShopA
    Charms CraftA
    Quidditch PracticeA
    Defense Against the Dark ArtsA
    Dear ________, Your gift was the coolest!     I hope you had a great time at my party!     Thank you for making my birthday a truly Magical event!
    Your Friend,
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