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Peter Pan Party

"When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start, think of all the joy you'll find, when you leave the world behind, and bid your cares good-bye, you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!"

With a little faith & trust and imaginary Pixie dust, your group can truly fly away with this party theme!

Your guests will be thinking happy thoughts as they hear Wendy's stories, eat with the indians, tinker with Tinker-Bell's crafts, get your picture with a mermaid, play games with pirates, see shadows with Nana, and best of all: LEARN TO FLY with Peter Pan!

This was originally organized in 1997 for a Halloween party for over 200 preschoolers. I was also asked to provide ideas to a physically and or mentally challenged adult camp for a one week affair. This is an outline of the original plan with the additional ideas added in. Use what you wish... All I ask is that you let me know what worked, what you changed, and any other items that came up.

Wendy from
Disney's Peter Pan

We had our local librarian come out to read and have the children follow in finger plays and songs. In the story; Wendy loved to tell stories, sew things, and be a mother to all the lost boys... Your Wendy can choose. Reading is calming. We decorated the room to look like a child's bedroom. If this party is in your home, use the playroom or a bedroom.
If this is for a small group you can play the "Story Game". The guests sit in a circle. The party host begins the story. The next person continues and the story is made up as it goes around the circle ending with the last person. With older children or even adults, each guest must pick a piece of paper out of a hat. Each paper has a character, action, or object they must place in their part when it's their turn. The prize for this section was a bookmark. If this is for a girl's sleep over, I would suggest small sewing kits with a thimble.

Peter Pan

We were so fortunate to have a wonderful "PeeWee Aerobics" lady come to our events. She would choregraph excersizes to the music from the Peter Pan movie soundtrack or play. She even wore a Peter Pan costume and played the part to teach the guests to fly! We placed big fans in the room with streamers tied on the exhaust side. From the ceiling hung clouds and a few birds. If this is for a small group, play the game of "Peter Says", played like Simon Says, except you need to act like an indian, swim like a mermaid, walk like a peg-legged pirate, fly like Peter, and so forth. The prize for this was a Pixie stick. That is a powdered candy in a paper straw.

Indian Chief

The children found out that it was the indians who gave us popcorn! Our PowWow was complete with a friendship snack mix, apple Juice, and dognut holes. If they were not hungry, or were finished, we had face painters, and the guests could indulge in blowing the "peace pipe" (bubbles).

Tinker Bell

Everybody likes to make things. It's great when you have a person on staff who enjoys teaching a bit of "tinkering" - making things from other things. We try to promote recycling and using items that are normally thrown out or can come by cheaply. Some ideas are:

  • Plantings in Milk Cartons
  • Bird feeders from 2-LTR Bottles
  • pencil holders from Large Tuna cans & Popsicle sticks.
  • musical instruments, bells, from bottles & cans.
  • Newspaper fire starters

  • For the preschoolers, we precut picture frames out of cardboard. The children then decorated them "fairy sryle" with glitter, little jingle bells, and other sparkly craft supplies we had on hand.
    Another good source is the Boy scouts or Girl scouts Handbook for tinker ideas!


    Our mermaid lagoon was complete with green streamers from the ceiling to floor, blue helium balloon (bubbles) lots of hanging fish, and our very own mermaid for a picture perfect photo-opportunity!
    The picture area was one of the parents favorite. We used a poloroid camera and placed the picture in the frame the guests had decorated. While the children waited to get their picture with a young girl who dressed like a mermaid, they had the opportunity to go fishing. A blue tablecloth with more fish on it was drapped over a long table. The children had fishing poles with a clip on the end. Each child got a "fish" that they could color (an envelope with a printed fish on it), and in this envelope were stickers, a pop-a-point crayon pencil with fish on it, and other goodies relative to this part of the theme.


    Our Pirate games were like an old fashoned carnival! Children got to shoot canon balls (throw bean bags at a large cardboard ship that had holes in it for targets.); go on a treasure hunt; walk the plank (balnace beam); jump over the crock, play "Gator Golf"; and get a balloon sword from a pirate! We had some great give a ways for the children because we had planned a Pirate Party for the Son & I event the spring prior to this Halloween party. It helped with one of my rules: always use what you already have!

    Lost Boys - 
Follow the Leader

    This indoors obstacle course had our "lost children" walking through the woods (wooden trees), jumping over creeks (blue table cloth on the floor), crawling through caves (fabric tunnels), sliding down waterfalls (slide), flying around "Big Ben" (a large box with a clock on it), and many other in, outs, over, and under things the game commitee collected, borrowed or made. The song Follow The Leader and You Can Fly played while they traveled through this course.


    This special game is best if you can borrow a school's overhead projector. If you can't; use a bright flash light or lamp and a projector screen. The game is played like a guessing game. Shapes of different objects are shown to the group. Children then can guess what they are. The activity was operated by a person dressed up like a dog.

    If you have any comments or suggestions or things to add,
    you can also e-mail me (Keep those compliments coming!)

    Thank you for sharing your ideas!
    All the above graphics were redrawn by me, but the original credit goes to

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