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Here are some ideas for Games, Crafts, Nametags, and Menu Items that follow this theme.  Let's have fun with the characters from this story shall we?

OK, you can pull out your story books and put on your thinking caps, but here is what we did for this party:


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful lady in our area who does PeeWee Aerobics. She dresses the part and choreographs exercises to the music.


This was an area hosted by our local library. Pooh stories were read, and children were lead through songs & finger-plays.


This was a favorite food Stop! Anything that was fun to munch & could be found "growing" was available to eat. Carrots & celery were available for dipping in yogurt dip. A friendship snack was mixed together that had Cereal, sunflower seeds, popcorn, chocolate chips, & crackers. Juice was provided to drink. Grapes & other fruit were also on the menu.

Winnie the Pooh Candles


This area was set up so the children could get a Polaroid picture taken of them and "Pooh" by a tree.

Classic Pooh Punch


This was our craft area. The children decorated a "Hunny-Pot" Frame. Bees were printed on colored paper and cut out. The children then glued them on their frames.


Pin the Tail on Eeyore -

Using a picture of Eeyore; A Pin-the-tail game was sewed out of towels. I made the tail separate and it attaches with Velcroâ. I had a soft piece of flannel I secured with a clothespin around the child's head as a blindfold. 

Piglet's Clean Sweep Game -

Several dustpans were set out. One child's broom was given to the "player". I used nerf foam balls. Four colors were used in this game. The idea was to sweep the balls into the dustpans. A variation would be to have colored paper or stickers on the dustpans so that the same colored ball would be aimed at the corresponding dustpan.
Bee-n-bug Toss - (BeanBag Toss) - 

I used several bee beanbag toys and one bug beanbag. The idea was to throw the bugs into the honey pots. The "hunny-pots" were made from coffee cans 

100-Acre Throw -

I chose a large pooh puzzle made out of stiff-foam material. The puzzle pieces are squares and then each of pooh's friends' faces are also a puzzle for each square. I just set the whole puzzle out (all put together) in a large rectangle. Then I used Pooh & friends Koch balls. The idea is to match the balls to the corresponding puzzle face. A variation of this would be to use two cardboard pieces. Cardboard could be placed in the back, with the faces attached. The front would have the outside puzzle pieces on it with holes made to aim for the faces on the back piece. The idea would be to throw the Koch-balls into the appropriate target or face, through the hole. If you don't have the large floor puzzle (and don't want to buy one) or the Pooh & friends balls, You can make a large floor map of the 100-acre-wood for this game.  Paper plates could then be used that have Pooh or one of his other friends on them.  The plates could be flown at the targets or "homes".

Count all the Bees in the hive-

This is a version of dropping the clothespins into the milk jug. This is an old game. You need to buy the old-fashioned kind of clothespins. They should be straight with the little ball or head on one end and split on the other. (Look at your local craft shop.)  I soaked them in a bottle of rubbing alcohol and yellow gel food coloring. You can also use Jell-O and oil, water or the alcohol. Soak until they become the color you like. Or give your child (or children) yellow markers and have them color them! The idea is to make them look like bees. Once the yellow color is set, take the pins out of the color and let them dry completely on newspapers or paper towels. Take a black marker and draw two eyes & a mouth and stripes around & down the pin. I had my six-year old do this, and although the lines were not straight, they looked nice & he enjoyed being part of the party...
"The Hive" is a plastic milk jug. I cut the bottom out so all you had to do was lift it up to get the pins that made it in the hive. Because we had some young children at our event, I opened the spout a little bigger. I used paper ribbon (but gray crape paper could also be used) and wound it around the jug, gluing it down with a glue stick.  The idea is to make it look like a hive.  Bee creative!

Tickle Pooh -

My son has this Pooh electronic toy, that will ask you (in pooh's voice) Can you find my head? Or other parts of his body.  When you find his Tummy or Foot, He says, "you found it!  That Tickles!"  We placed this game near a microphone and A large copy of pooh was placed on the floor.  As an adult ran the game, a child would find pooh's body parts & "Tickle Pooh".

Pooh Favors


This was our obstacle course. We set up tunnels, slides, balance beams, hoops, & trampolines and had the children have a very "hoppy" time.


Since this party was to celebrate Halloween, we used masks of the pooh characters and attached them to the back of chairs. Then the chairs were set up in a circle to play musical chairs. Instead of just walking around the chairs to the music, the children got to bounce like Tigger, rub your tummy like Pooh, swing your tail like Eeyore, and hoe the garden like Rabbit, and so forth... 

A variation of this is a game that has come out since we had this party. It is Milton Bradley's Honey Pot Hop. It works better for smaller groups up to 6 guests.

(Thank you Steven "Tigger" Reese!)

We used the above characters for our 8 groups of 15 children each.  The characters were put on nametags.  (I had to change the colors a bit from "tiggers" originals because they printed out too dark.) 

If you have any comments or suggestions or things to add, please e-mail me (Keep those compliments coming!) or go to the new idea sharing page!

I have tried to come up with some original graphics & ideas for this page, please don't take or copy anything without permission...

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